Runs from Wednesday August 7 2019 to Friday September 6 2019

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Blyth Memorial Community Hall
431 Queen Street
BOX 10
Blyth ON N0M 1H0

Performance Notes

× Created with compassion from interviews with some of those most closely affected, including families who lost loved ones, nurses and PSWs working in assisted living, and many others, this new Blyth Festival play asks if our community can ever be the same?

The play follows a group of siblings who are in the process of moving their elderly father into long-term care. The family grapples with all of the struggles families in this circumstance endure: unresolved rivalries, differences of opinion in the level of care, siblings spread across the country, arm wrestles over power-of-attorney, and their own conflicting memories of their lives with their father.

The care home where their father has been placed turns out to have been the same as one where Elizabeth Wettlaufer committed multiple murders. After the case breaks, and the confession has been made public, the siblings become deeply concerned with the details of the case in the media, and ultimately attend the trial and the inquiry, taking in as many of the commission’s proceedings as they can.

Grappling with the court’s findings, but galvanized by the love of family, the siblings try to understand how all of this could happen in a country such as ours, and try to imagine a better way. A hard-hitting but life-affirming story of compassion, family, and hope for change.

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