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Runs from Wednesday June 14 2023 to Saturday July 8 2023

Approximate running time: 2 hours and 30 minutes


Blyth Memorial Community Hall
431 Queen Street
BOX 10
Blyth ON N0M 1H0

Play Notes


By Sophia Fabiilli June 14-July 8 World Premiere Liars at a Funeral is the hilarious story of a grandmother who fakes her own death in a last-ditch hope to get her dysfunctional family in one room, but with catering and bouquets. Full of classic farce gags (who’s in the casket? who’s in the closet? who’s in the kitchen?) the play builds to a hysterically funny pitch, and ends with an unexpected revelation, bringing the family together again…well sort of…mostly. Cancelled in 2020, finally bringing Liars at a Funeral to the stage is a dream come true.

Approx. 2h including intermission.

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